Known Incompatible Routers


Known Incompatible Routers

This page lists any modems/routers that have been identified as incompatible with our services.

While most brands and models of modem/routers work without issue on our service, occasionally a router can present errors in the way they handle voice calls that we’re unable to correct.

Due to the varied nature of devices available on the market, this list is updated periodically as new devices are identified. It’s also important to note that these routers, since being added to this list, may have received firmware updates that corrects the issue. If a firmware update has been shown to correct the issue in majority of deployments, this list will be updated with the specific firmware requirements.

If you’re experiencing issues with your modem/router, and it’s not listed below, you may have SIP ALG enabled. For information on SIP ALG, along with guides to disable it on several common routers, please see SIP ALG

DeviceImportant NotesPresented Issue
Telstra Smart Modem 3rd GenOnly applies when using 4G backupWhen using the built in 4G backup facility, if for example your NBN is unavailable, phones may not be able to connect. Try restarting the router.
SagemCom F@STOptus suppliedThis router has an inbuilt SIP ALG that is not configurable in the web interface. This may cause phones to be unable to connect, continue ringing, or present one-way or no audio on calls.