Category A or C


Category A or C

Category A number ports are applicable only to single/standalone numbers delivered on…

  • PSTN fixed phone lines (a standard, single port “phone plug in the wall” – the same as is typically found in a residential phone service) with no complex services (see below)
  • NBN Phone services, where the service is delivered from the “Phone” ports on the NBN NTU
  • Porting from most other VoIP providers (see below for exceptions)

Category C number ports are applicable to any numbers that…

  • Are delivered over an ISDN / PRI service
  • Include a number range (10-range, 100-range, etc.)
  • Are being ported from Telstra DOT (even if it’s a single number)

If any of your numbers being ported require Category C porting, we generally recommend setting Category C for all of your numbers on the port.

This way, all of your numbers will be processed as a single port, so they will all fall under a single Category C porting cost and will be processed at the same time.

Category M number ports are applicable to any mobile numbers.