Help Us, Help you.

TSG International strives to offer the best possible support to our customers

To ensure our customers always receive the highest level of customer service, we ask you to follow a few guidelines when you are requesting support from our team.

Following these guidelines will help streamline the process for everyone involved.
This includes complying with our Customer Service Policy.

From 01/05/2020 we ask that you please email the Support@ email for the brand you require help with.
Eg:, or the generic Support@TSG.International address

By emailing our support system each time, you help us respond to issues quickly, and ensure no emails are lost in our teams already cluttered work inboxes.

Manage Your Requests & Support Tickets

1. Access TSG Client Portal

If you are the main point of contact for your company, ensure you have access to login to the TSG Client Portal.

This portal gives access to your Requests and Support Tickets all in one place for our brands. You can also add staff contacts or update company information.

New to the portal?
Contact us for an invitation link and we can have your account setup in minutes.

2. Review Your Staff

From within the TSG Client Portal, navigate to the User Directory to review users already listed as staff members on your account. Ensure staff that may need to request support have been added with their correct email address.

Our system adds staff with the same email address as your company website automatically.

If a staff member is missing or incorrect please contact us via email and we can have them added or updated.

3. Add Portal Staff

Staff can be invited to access the TSG Client Portal (and mange your account with us) by clicking the email button.
New staff can be added on the Invite Users page.

This will send an invitation email to join the TSG Client Portal with their own email and password and give access to your account with us.

4. Request Support by Email

Staff members can request support by emailing Support@TSG.International, or the support email address of the Brand your service is supplied by (EG: or

This email will automatically create a request for support in our system.