Our Services

We believe that some of the best businesses are in our own backyard. Think of where Facebook and Google started off…
We want to be a part of that, helping to you grow your business with ease.

TSG offers a range of services that we can tailor to your businesses needs, offering as little or much support as you may require.

Domain Names

Now offering over 370 domain names at competitive pricing, TSG offers a wide range of option when taking your business online or expanding your online presence. Get a domain name that explains exactly what your business does and see how memorable they can be.

Hosting Services

Your website or e-mail hosting doesn’t need to cost the world. we offer affordable hosting plans, with economy and business grade hosting right here in Australia. We even have Unlimited Bandwidth on many of our plans. Stop paying premium amounts for everyday hosting.

Website Design

Web design services can be costly, with many ongoing fees or charges. We look at the best way to create your brand online, with a simple CMS design, allowing you to easily update the site yourself. We can create any site from one page landing pages up to full eCommerce shopping…

Software & Licensing

We offer a wide range of Business Licensing and Cloud Software, for small to medium sized businesses. Our software licenses cover business applications, creativity & design, to security and backup utilities.

Office Equipment

When running your business, you can easily get caught in the trap of “it’s the way we have always done it”. We offer expert advice and can supply the equipment that best suit your business needs. This also means a one stop shop for all your technical support and product warranties.

IT Management

At TSG, we understands the stress and time that it takes to run a business. Add on top of that the techy we stuff that every business needs but no-one has the time to learn. This is where TSG Management comes in, we offer semi and fully managed solutions for any of your TSG Services.

Phone Systems

In this modern age, don’t be limited by a traditional phone line. We uses the leading phone.systems technology to offer digital phone numbers and call forwarding to any number worldwide. Never miss a phone call again, starting at a very low call rate of $0.10c/min.

Online Marketing

A business without an online presence, is a business without a face. The first point of call is the internet, with search engine ranking more important than ever. Improving your online rankings is make easy with SEO analysis. Our feature rich SEO analysis offers state-of-the-art reporting functionality.