Where Did TSG Start?

As all companies do, TSG International started its life as an idea on paper and the ambitions of one young man.
This idea may have changed over time, but it has become the foundation of the company TSG International is today.

Back in May of 2007, Harley worked as the sole trader of Computer Tutor “Getting to know your Computer”. A service that Harley offered to his Customers to learn the basics of a Windows or Mac computer.

In June 2009 Harley decided to get into the world of business, and Anything Electrical was formed. Offering a small range of electronic goods and custom built computers and servers to customers throughout Armidale.

In October 2010 we changed our name to The Scholz Group – TSG, and move towards offering online services for business. From website hosting and photography, to website design and marketing.

In August 2011, Harley found the growing need for all businesses to have a presence online. Not turning away a challenge, Harley set off to learn website design and eCommerce, adding TSG webdesign to the TSG mix.

In August 2013 The Scholz Group – TSG became an Australian private company, and started trading as TSG International in May 2014. Opening our customer base up to New Zealand, China and the United States of America.

Now, many years later, we might be known by different names but TSG International still endeavours to uphold the helpful and friendly values Harley first started back in 2007.