About Us

As all companies do TSG International started its life as an idea on paper and the ambitions of one young man.
This idea may have changed overtime, but has become the foundation of the company TSG International is today.


TSG International is a marketing and web agency in Armidale, offering a complete business solution at competitive pricing.

We are a locally owned and operated company, focused on supporting local businesses throughout the New England.

Partner with us today to see how our business services can help cut costs and save you time. Our range of services are your online business solution.


Shortly after Harley’s sixteenth birthday, he was approached by a teacher at his school who required some computer help. With Harley’s helpful nature, it wasn’t long until he was helping many others at the school and around town with their computer questions and concerns. Computer Tutor “Getting to know your Computer”, was started only months later in May of 2007. A service that Harley offered to his Customers to learn the basics of a Windows or Mac computer.

Just over a year later, Harley was approached once again by one of his customers. However this time the question was different. She was in need of a website to sell her self-published books. Not turning away a challenge, Harley set off to learn Web Design and eCommerce. In August 2008 Scholz WebDesign was formed (now known as TSG Websites).

Now, many years later, we might be known by a different name but TSG International still endeavors to uphold the helpful and friendly values Harley first started back in 2007.


At TSG, we strive to deliver a customer focused environment with annual growth and profitability. We aim to support all businesses in our local area, small, medium and large. All without losing our sense of humour.